Thursday, January 12, 2012

Facebook etiquette for couples

One of my friends/readers asked if I would blog about facebook etiquette for couples. For the past few months I have been reading several blogger posts about facebook causes divorce.  I personal don’t think that facebook can cause a divorce, but I believe that it can open doors. And since the internet is so convenient, it can make reuniting and rekindling old flames easily accessible. I’m not a member of the facebook phenomenon, but hubby is. Mitch and I have had a few spats about facebook, and what’s unacceptable.

Years ago a friend of mine (who will remain nameless) brought to attention Mitch interaction on facebook with one of his female friends. Mitch comment was “you have beautiful smile”, something that simple can be taken out of context. When you are in a relationship/marriage, you don’t want to give anyone a false impression or demonstrate any disrespect to your spouse.

Here are a few rules to follow:  

·         If you have issues with your spouse address them privately, don’t air dirty laundry on facebook.
·         Facebook status should reflect your relationship.
·          Don’t correspond with past relationships on facebook, it open doors. Are you friends with your Ex on facebook? If so, please use CAUTION
·         If your spouse cheats and/or leaves you don’t announce it on facebook.
·         Don’t flirt with people on facebook in playful or innocent way (there are a number of facebook friends who don’t understand.
·         Let your spouse have full access to your facebook account, besides you have nothing to hide. RIGHT?
·         Limit your time on facebook (What comes first a morning kiss or checking your facebook updates?)

Maybe there should be a contract for couples pledging to follow the facebook etiquette, and if the rules can’t be followed then divorce facebook or your spouse (just kidding).

Just remember, facebook doesn’t cause divorce, but over the years it has become a big contributor. And, think before you post a comment on facebook and ensure it’s respectable to your spouse.


  1. I am experianced on this one. I AM NOT WITH THE FACEBOOK THING! GET OFF, LEAVE IT ALONE, NEVER SIGN UP! It's a SHIT starter. Like you stated, it opens a lot of doors and invite a lot of unwanted college buddies, ex-friends and or BF/GF. In some cases I dont think the married men are on FB for the purpose of linking up with someone. In my experiance I think this woman wanted him more then anything because he was married and he was too blind to see it. Once I found out, one message was an invite to link up with a few college buddies and shoot the shit, to the forth email being how much I've liked you since BLAH,BLAH, BLAH and of cource his eagle was stroked to find out he still had it going on. SMH. Do not invite FB into your relationship unless it's for business purpose

  2. First off, I don't understand why people give fb so much attention. It is obvious that an individual does not have much of a social/family life if they have to spend every minute of everyday sharing all of your daily doings & personal issues, on a web page. I thought fb was all about re-connecting with long lost friends & family. Not who your screwing, what your cooking or why your kids are hardheaded & won't listen to you.
    A bond between a husband & wife is supposed to be sacred, not shared with the world/friends who are on your page. If there are problems at home, work them out at HOME. Trust is very important in any relationship, especially a marriage & if a spouse allows fb to come in between their trust, there was never any to start with.

  3. another reason to dump facebook!