The 9 Secrets of Happy Couples

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

I thought I would share this awesome article; it’s titled “The 9 Secrets of Happy Couples”. Click Here to unveil the secrets!

Marriage is a Marathon and we’re still running.

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Would You Try To Stop Your Married Friend From Cheating?

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

If he or she is indeed your friend you are obligated to always have your friend’s best interest at heart; even if your friend insists on continuing to cheating and has made it clear that your opinion doesn’t matter. One thing that I have learned is to only give advice to “real friends”. You should NEVER make it comfortable for your friend to cheat on their spouse. You should not allow your cheating friend to bring his/her jump-off around you and your spouse. Bringing another woman/man around your group of friends is blatantly disrespectful and selfish.

Why Selfish you ask? Because you are thinking about your own needs and never stopped to think about the position you’re putting your friends in. Your friends communicate and hangout with your spouse and you are forcing them to be fake and uncomfortable.

Every group of friends always has the one friend that encourages and accepts their friend’s behavior. And these particular friends always have the excuse “That isn’t any of my business”. This is usually the worst excuse in the book; really it’s none of your business?? Hahaha…how silly of you to think this is none of your business. It is your job as a friend to encourage your friend to do the right thing, not encourage them to do the wrong things. REALLY? What kind of friend are you? You encourage their cheating activities by allowing them to do it in front of you, and bring it your home functions?

If you were a true friend, you would let your friend know that their cheating behavior is not acceptable around you. You can’t continue to allow them to bring their jump-off around you and accept it. Many times when cheating is unveiled by their spouse, there is a BIG chance she/he may lose their family…But hey, misery loves company, RIGHT? It’s your responsibility as a friend to try to divert your friend from continuing to commit adultery. As a friend you have obligations.

And YES I’m a firm believer that…….. “Birds of same character flocks together” in addition, statistics shows that 92% of married men still throw passes outside.  

Your Friend=Your Responsibility =Your Business

Marriage is a Marathon and we’re still running

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